German Binary Robot – A new Star on the Option Trading?

From the desk of Mike Sanders

Have you heard ? Ex-German banker Norbert R. is currently travelling Germany holding seminars teaching ordinary people how to make extraordianry incomes in his seminars..  It`s all over the German news channels!


Have a look  - I send you a PDF BOOK  which you can download and reading all about the newest Binrary Signal Service. It’s looks good and I am sure, that you like to have all the information’s about it. There is NOT ALL THE SCAM you receive by e-mail in the last days. This is a insider message where you can profit from the details and see more about the system.


Of course, I have set up and in the first 5 days I have can see   9 winners and 1 loser -   which is over all my experiences.

binary options- without the right partner is a risk.

Sincerely Your

Mike Sanders


Is Binary Option more successfully, then Forex metatrader

From the desk of Mike Sanders

Hello Forex – 1 Club members!

To day I have good news for you. We have now more then 1468 members which get our weekly news and I say thanks to all the followers which are go now for the last 2 years with us. To day we will discuss about the “quickly” Make Money Binary Offers, which you have every day in your mail account.

Since April last year I have try more then 8 programs and 12 brokers  – and  it’s has cost’s me about $ 12’218 in the past. The most 3 tricky are, that the brokers don’t accept, that you get profit from the autotrader tools. If there is a new program which most ask that you open a new traderaccount and fund them, it’s from the broker guided or he is the owner. In the first 10 or 14 days they let you make profit that you go and put more money to the broker account – also they push you by phone to spend more and more. When you have made the first profit -  they will make your trades with delay – so that if you take a 5 minutes trades  which you start with a push line of 1.2272$   the trade will start with 1.2281   so that you never will have a chance to make profit. (Sometimes they let you do one or two, so that you don’t stop to trading) If you show the frame pic of the trades to the support of the broker – the answer is allways the same. The time of the traffic they can’t control – so it’s not their error.

The second tricky is, that they allways offer you a BONUS – 50 or 75 % of your fund of the account. The most beginners never reading the businessroles. If you accept the BONUS  -  you don’t cant take out your money – before you made 200 times trading the amount which they haven given you as a bonus. And believe me, they will never send you one cent -   before you have reach this 100’000 or more level.

The third tricky is, that if you ask the money out of the trader account, some of the broker need 2-3 months and 20 e-mails just you get your money and they charge you sometimes with 100 – 200 $ as transfer or other cost’s.

So – I also ask you to give your messages what you have made for experiences with BINARYOPTIONS.

How I have made profit? I can tell you, that it’s have some serious brokers (sorry I must say just now, and this can change as I have see in the past) and also the


I work now only with two programs and make a profit since January 2014 over $22’131  by a investment of $ 8’000. So this has a little pay back my investmens I have made in the last months. I hope, that you can made the own experiences about Binary Options.

I use the broker   TRADERXP  and  have made the only best experiences with him. (I have check also the “take out of money from the account” and it’s works in 2 days. The traderplattform is wide and you can choose a lot

Concerning the Forex Trading – I have stopped all the meta traders which I have loose in the last six months a lot of money.



Binary MATRIX can be better the forex-metatrader?

From the desk of Mike Sanders

In a few days – it’s starts on the 11th february 2014 you can download from our site the “Binary Matrix Pro”

1. Your problems explained: the REAL reason why you may have been burned by Binary Options software in the past

2. What’s on the way: how the next-generation of Binary Options software WILL help you make money

3. See around 600 traders making money LIVE with Binary Options! Again, that is LIVE, REAL-TIME.



Right now, you might be royally ticked off at the whole Binary Options thing.

And quite frankly, you have some pretty good reasons to be.
Because so much of the software promoted in the Binary Options industry simply doesn’t work. And the trouble is, you don’t know which software works (and which doesn’t) until it’s too late.
BUT — and this really is so, so important!
… the #1 complaint of Binary Options traders — including yours, I bet! — is about to be fixed BIG time.
How do you know you’re not being ripped off by your broker?
How do you know if the trading signals you’re using are truly any good? (Or just faked?)
How do you know how OTHER traders are doing on the very same trades you’re taking?

There’s a very, very interesting Binary Options product about to explode into the public consciousness.
A next-generation software that gives you the answer to EACH question above.


Imagine …

* Knowing exactly how many traders took the same recommended trade YOU took

* Knowing how many other traders got a WIN on the same recommended trade

* Knowing that all this information is VERIFIED by an independent third party

Isn’t that a dream-come-true for every ambitious trader like you?
Knowing that for once a Binary Options product ISN’T a scam? That it’s the real deal?
That’s exactly what you need to be sure that a proven trading system ACTUALLY does what it claims.


It’s called “Social Performance Reporting” and it’s the most exciting thing to hit the Binary Options world since it first began.
This is a quantum leap ahead in Binary Options. It’s as revolutionary as going from coal to oil.
Because it provides proof so very, very strong …
… imagine seeing LIVE the results around 600 Binary Options traders are achieving.
Check out the video that explains everything right here:


All the best,

Mike Sanders

P.S. Because you want — you NEED — a system that really works, right?
And what better way to know it works than real-time feedback from other traders?
Feedback delivered on EVERY trade you make … or were even THINKING about making!

It all makes sense, right?

Because this is the kind of proof you’ve been looking for in a REAL Binary Options system. Something so genuine, you just KNOW it’s going to make you the income for that dream life you’ve been working so hard to get!


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